Supporting OEM customers

June 4: preparing OEM parts

Preparing goods for an OEM customer at Friday afternoon.
We can help to give your product an added value.
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Guillemin DN150 stainless steel? Yes we can!

March 2: Guillemin special version on demand

Special custom made stainless steel 316 Gullemin coupling DN150 with 6’ fixed flange. Produced in a couple of days. Nice welding and teamwork 🚀

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Storz couplings

January 11: Storz couplings in the spotlight

We have a wide range of Storz couplings at your disposal.

From 1/2’ to 6’
KA 31 to KA166

Casted PN10
Forged PN16
Forged Brass
Stainless steel

Sent your requests @ [email protected]
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Want to get something special?

December 28: Special welded hose prototype

Sometimes thinking with the customers helps preventing old failures. We dare to think different and make hoses assemblies work like they need to work.

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About Us

September 13: Some people wondering what we do as a business

Often, people outside our industry have no idea how many sectors we provide solutions to.

The chances of you hearing the word 'couplings' or hoses pass by on birthdays are not very high. Yet the products are essential in all kinds of production processes.

From coffee to textiles and from concrete production to dairy processing, our products provide support and are necessary. We ensure continuity and safety, for both the end customer and producer employees.

This is what makes our work so great. We make a direct contribution and to an unprecedentedly wide customer spectrum.

Wondering what we can do for you? Get in touch with us. Our team is at your service.
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Save our environment

June 28: Verb BV is supporting the Plastic Soup Surfer!

In the Netherlands alone, 5 million disposable cups are used every morning. These 5 million cups are only used once before ending up in the incinerator, or worse, in our environment.
Put those 5 million disposable cups in a row and you have a line 385 km long. In July, Merijn Tinga (the Plastic Soup Surfer) will cover that exact distance, surfing from Brussels to Amsterdam, on a surfboard made of used disposable cups. While navigating inland waters Tinga uses a Fliteboard e-foil, and on open water, he will utilize a wing made of old kitesurf kites.
The goal of the "Mission Reuse Expedition" is to fight for the adoption of
reusable cups and the elimination of disposable cups.
Disposable cups represent the disposable society we live in, showcasing the rampant waste and pollution it leads to. We have to and can get rid of it. To start with let's target the elimination of disposable cups at events, festivals, and within large organizations.