Cam and groove Aquaculture couplings

We adapted the standard for cam & groove couplings and designed them to be suitable for the aquaculture market.
Couplings have an extreme smooth interior, reduction couplings will be longer to transfer the fishes without damaging them during the transfer. 

Cam and Groove E and C for aquaculture purposes

Cam and Groove Coupler and Adapter with serrated hose shank for aquaculture

Cam and Groove adapter and coupler with serrated hose shank, special designed for the aquaculture market from 4' up to 10' available in aluminum.
Other sizes and material on demand.

2 sizes of 8' couplings, small and extended head.

Cam and Groove reducers for aquaculture

Cam and Groove adapter and coupler reducers with long neck for smooth transfer. The best way to transfer fishes without damaging. Made of aluminium. 
DN150 female to DN200 male
DN150 female to DN100 male
DN200 female to DN150 male
DN200 female small head to DN200 male extended head

Other threads on demand.